Cressi Aquaride


Ord. Pris 4195kr. Superfin BCD från Cressi med massa bra egenskapet. Finns i S-XL

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Strl S 1st

Aquaride is a semi-classic structured BC with a special feature: it has adjustable shoulder straps that aren’t restricted by the air cell, improving the grip on the tank and improving comfort. Thanks to their anatomical, preformed profile, they are much easier to put on and make resting the tank more comfortable on the shoulders. The BC features the Flat type Lock Aid System of integrated weight. It is very effective and comfortable thanks to its extremely flat profile and the easy and intuitive arrangement of the pockets. Finally, the anatomical control has a hose retainer, making all inflation and deflation operations very easy and intuitive.

Adjustable shoulder straps

420 Denari Nylon bag.

Flat system Lock Aid System integrated weight.

Superlight rigid backpack with handle.

Next generation anatomical infl ator with hose retainer.

Expandable sundries pocket with zip closure.

Quick-attach rear weight pockets (capacity 2 kg).


3 purge and overpressure valves.